Hurricane Irene- no thanks!

Being that I am in New Jersey and we have a hurricane heading towards us, it’s been pretty crazy lately. I work in a large chain hardware store so every person that came in or called us was looking for the same things. We are officially out of generators, flashlights, batteries, and sub pumps. Sorrrrrry.

I have to say I love the people that give you an attitude when you tell them the store is completely empty of what everyone on the East Coast is looking for right now. “You’re out?! How can you be out??! Tell me who has them!” If you were really that concerned you’d have gotten these things prior to the day before the hurricane hits. Or you’d be smart and have an emergency kit already. How sweet would that be if you were that person. So anyway, our store is out, the district is out, the region is out. The last I heard was to check Pittsburgh, and I bet they’re out now too! I love the last question/demand the best though. “Tell me who has them!” Uh, I just told you none of the area stores have any. “What about so-and-so? Do they carry them?” Do I look like I work for them? No, I’m wearing a brightly colored apron because I work for this company. Find out yourself!

Hurricane dumbness aside I wanted to put up some pictures from the bridal shower I helped throw a couple weeks ago. I have to say that I cannot wait until my bridesmaid duties are done. It is so expensive. I hope no one I know asks me for awhile to be in their wedding. My funds need to recuperate.



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