Captain America

I’m typing this on my iPod touch so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Writing a blog via touch screen is not the way to go. We, meaning myself, hubs, and our friend N, went to dinner and to the movies to see Captain America last night. This was hub’s request since the last few or all that we’ve watched have been chick flicks. I have to say it wasn’t too bad. I don’t mind action- sometimes I prefer it depending on my mood, but I wasn’t particularly in the mood last night. Regardless, it was a decent movie with Chris Evans as C.A. I have to say the beginning of the film where he is scrawny and short freaked me out a bit. I need to look up how they did that because I certainly hope that wasn’t the real him. The movie had romance, humor and action galore so it as a good watch overall. The ending was a bit of a surprise where all the girls in the room went “aw” when they realized what didn’t happen with C.A.’s love interest, without giving too much away. If you’re looking for something full of action and entertaining I’d recommend it. 🙂


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