Nothing Gold Can Stay

Mondays and Fridays do not seem to work very well for me. However, today is Monday and I made it! Hurray! Anyway, I think Tuesday fits better for updating, along with Saturday.

It has been hot hot hot here in New Jersey! Today went up to a cool 94 degrees, ha! Last week we were at 99, but it felt like 115- ekk! Too rich for my blood. I’d like to live where it’s fall and spring forever. Find that for me, thanks!

So I talked about my exercising going well- should have kept my mouth shut! With the heat I didn’t do any walking/running outside. When it’s 10pm and it’s still 94 degrees out, you know it’s hot. Of course I could have done something else, such as using my stationary bike or doing an exercise DVD. Many a day I thought about popping in my Pilates dvd….and then many a time I ignored that thought!

I do want to get back into my routine though. This week is a bit tricky since I’m opening all week except tomorrow. I can still go walking at night, but not as late as I’d prefer. I know, I know…I just need to do it!

Well, unfortunately my laptop needs to be charged and honey and me are heading off to a friend’s for dinner. Have a good night! 🙂


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