Why hello there!

It’s about that time- the time when I really should be going to bed but I’m not quite ready. So naturally, I decide to blog a bit! 😛

I had the day off and to be completely honest, I was a bum. I thought of things I could be working on….and then keep thinking about them as I sat on the couch and watched “Clean House” reruns. Oh, the irony. I did manage to do a load of laundry, make a yummy salad for lunch, and go through a few books for donation. As far as my goals for the next 6 months (almost 5 now!), I have been doing good with exercising the past week and a half. Every night I either walk/run by myself or take Sadie, our pooch (can you call a pitbull a pooch?). I didn’t get a chance to tonight because of torrential downpours and yesterday due to getting home super late. That being said I look forward to starting back up tomorrow. And slowly I am going through things in the little room. The books I started going through are in that room and will open up space once they’re gone.

I feel like I’ve been baby-obsessed lately. I’ve never been one to outwardly say that I want to have kids, and it’s a bit of a joke when I’m over my sisters that I won’t because of her three lovely monsters. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve almost been married a year and it seems around that time people start popping up pregnant- but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And the funny thing is I’m not really thinking about the baby- I’m thinking about all the cool things I can make! I’ve been on a bunch of blogs today dedicated to solely handmade nurseries and I was just over the moon with how freaking cute everything is! And little clothes! How awesome would it be to make little dresses or sweaters?

I know I don’t want to have a child until we’re more established. Adam’s job pays decent and mine, well, that’s another story. Plus I’m finally starting to workout and like it. I don’t want to have a child being overweight because it’s not healthy for baby or mommy, but I don’t want to get down to my goal weight and then not even get to enjoy it before getting pregnant. That sounds a bit selfish I suppose, but after being overweight my whole life I feel like I deserve to enjoy my body before it changes again. I’ve also started questioning going back to school for my Masters in Psychology, which means we’d have to wait until that was done, wait longer, or try to be a mom and go to school. Oi! Oi! Oi! I just do not know what to do with myself!

One thing that’s for sure is I do need to go to bed, even if my thoughts are going to be reeling there as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful week- good night!!! 😀




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