Happy Pre-4th of July

We had a small (smaller than usual) family gathering today for my grandmom’s birthday, which was yesterday, and the 4th of July. My sister and her family are down in family visiting her husband’s family so it was quiet without my three young nieces running around and beating each other up. My cousin and her fiance weren’t there either because they’re in California visiting his family. Man, I think maybe we should go visit my hubby’s family so we can get out of Jersey too. Seems to be the thing to do right now! haha. I know if he had the choice he’d visit his mom’s side in Texas- he doesn’t get to see them as much. Personally, I am not a summer or heat kind of person, so Texas doesn’t do much for me. I’d rather sick to the cooler state of Maine, which is where his dad’s side lives.

I made a delicious chili earlier in the week that got better each time it was heated up for leftovers. That’s the awesome thing about chilies, stews, lasagnas, etc.- they get better and better. You can’t say that for a lot of food. Last night I made a “simple red bean and farro stew,” or at least that’s what the recipe was called. I guess it was simple enough, and even with the somewhat surprise ingredient of kale; it was pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, I love kale. I’ve just never had it in a stew. When I was on my vegan kick I had steamed kale with a pinch of salt with breakfast almost every morning. I grew to really enjoy the taste of it. Everyone else thought I was crazy and took bets on how long the “vegan phase” would last. Out of the three weeks I planned I think I made it almost completely through the second week. The main issue I had was that I just didn’t have enough time to cook everything I was suppose to be eating. Maybe if I was a stay-at-home mom who had a large family to feed it would have worked, but with just the two of us it was way too much. It also didn’t allow for leftovers enough. I had all this food and I was suppose to just keep making more. And the recipe wouldn’t repeat for a week or more so the batch I made wasn’t good anymore. I really enjoyed the recipes, though. I think if I were to do it again I’d have to modify it for my lifestyle.

I go through phases anyway with food. I’ll be on a health kick for a week or two, and then I’ll binge on bad food for a month. Not a great balance, I know.

Did I work on any of my goals this week? I did clean a little bit. I want to get boxes so I can go through my books and then pack them up to donate. I also spent time with family, so that’s a bit of #18 I believe. I also cooked! So yay to # 5. I also did at least two posting this week so I’m on track with #1. And while I kind of ate better I also didn’t- we had cake for my grandmom’s bday and we bought chocolate cake last night! It wasn’t as good as I hoped though. I really wanted homemade chocolate cake. Next time I’ll make it!! I attempted to exercise once this week. It was pitiful really. I started out strong and tried to stay positive but I couldn’t get through it. It wasn’t just because I felt like a fat lump out of shape who couldn’t breathe- I was also bored. It’s a dvd that I’ve done many a time before so I know exactly what to expect, which also means I know when my least favorite parts are coming up….so I think I need to find something new. My hubby agreed to go bike riding with me tomorrow. Hopefully I can hold him to it!

With that I’ll leave you to continue with your day. Cheers! 🙂




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