My “25 Things to do Before 25” Goals

Hello! It is officially six months until I turn 25- a quarter century! I know that turning 25 does not really make me “old,” but it’s still weird! It’s hard to believe that it will be 7 years since I’ve graduated high school. In my mind I am still 18 years old. Since then I’ve graduated college, bought a house, got married- but some part of me is still waiting for that moment that it really hits me that, “Hey, you are a grown up!”

I have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 25 and hobbies I’d like to work on, so I thought documenting it would help. I came up with “25 Goals Before 25” to keep myself on track. I have wonderful habits of procrastination and laziness that holds me back from doing things I’d like to finish. Hopefully I can work through them! 🙂 Some of my goals have to do with cleaning and organizing my house, or life in general. Others are job, hobby, and health oriented. Some are just plain silly. They are just a compile of things I’d like to do and be able to say, “Hey! I did this!” I hope you enjoy my journey with me!


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