Apple and Eve Organics

I received from Influester (check it out if you haven’t already) a free sample of three Apple and Eve Quenchers and a one liter Organics.

The three juice boxes are for my little one to taste test. We received a strawberry lemonade, a fruit punch, and a mixed berry. So far he’s tried the strawberry lemonade and has loves it! They have no added sugar, which is great. I tried a sip as well and it had a nice mild sweetness to it- it didn’t hit you in the face with a ton of sugar.

The one liter was for me to try and the flavor was tart cherry. It tastes just like the name sounds! It’s good, a bit much on its own, so I’ve been adding it to smoothies and also made it into ice cubes to put into drinks like lemonade or just water. I’m enjoying it so far and appreciate the opportunity to try it out and give feedback. Check them out!


Crafty creation

We had a ‘surprise’ bridal shower for a girl at work and since I was broke, and also because I wanted to do something different, I decided to make her gift. Here’s how it turned out!




Post hurricane French toast

I’m am quite possibly the best wife ever. I made my husband and I post hurricane French toast. So good. As far as the hurricane, in our neck of the woods it was just a windy rain storm. Today it’s nice and bright but still with a persistent wind. So glad it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be. My older brother, who lives in A.C. is fine too. We were all a bit nervous for him, but he only got some minor flooding in his yard.


Hurricane Irene- no thanks!

Being that I am in New Jersey and we have a hurricane heading towards us, it’s been pretty crazy lately. I work in a large chain hardware store so every person that came in or called us was looking for the same things. We are officially out of generators, flashlights, batteries, and sub pumps. Sorrrrrry.

I have to say I love the people that give you an attitude when you tell them the store is completely empty of what everyone on the East Coast is looking for right now. “You’re out?! How can you be out??! Tell me who has them!” If you were really that concerned you’d have gotten these things prior to the day before the hurricane hits. Or you’d be smart and have an emergency kit already. How sweet would that be if you were that person. So anyway, our store is out, the district is out, the region is out. The last I heard was to check Pittsburgh, and I bet they’re out now too! I love the last question/demand the best though. “Tell me who has them!” Uh, I just told you none of the area stores have any. “What about so-and-so? Do they carry them?” Do I look like I work for them? No, I’m wearing a brightly colored apron because I work for this company. Find out yourself!

Hurricane dumbness aside I wanted to put up some pictures from the bridal shower I helped throw a couple weeks ago. I have to say that I cannot wait until my bridesmaid duties are done. It is so expensive. I hope no one I know asks me for awhile to be in their wedding. My funds need to recuperate.


Birthdays galore

Sorry for another short entry- I haven’t been on my laptop so I’m typing this on my iPod touch. This past Friday was my dad’s birthday and tonight was my brother’s 21st. My mom was away for my dad’s- what?! She went on a scrapbooking weekend in the mountains with some friends so we had dinner and cake at my sister’s. Tonight we had it at my parent’s since my brother is still at home. It’s funny how different we are. My sister moved out at 18, moved back, and moved back out shortly after. My older brother lived at home until he was 25 and then he bought a house with his girlfriend. I bought a house with my then-future husband at 21. And then there’s my little brother. He’s hard to understand, but I think people could describes me same way. Anyway, unfortunately I need to cut it short for bed. Goodnight!

A day off is never really a day off

Today I didn’t have work- hurray! However, I did take the opportunity to get some cleaning done. I did several loads of laundry, including our bed sheets so now they smell oh-so-clean! I focused mainly on the bathroom and cleaned the bejesus out of it. Threw out some things that I haven’t used and were eons old. I also took the time to catch up on my shows, though I still haven’t watched this week’s Weeds or The Big C. This past weekend was busy- I had a bridal shower to throw with the seven other bridesmaids. I’ll update on that later with pics. I have the joy of opening tomorrow so I must be running off to sleepyland. Goodnight!!

Captain America

I’m typing this on my iPod touch so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Writing a blog via touch screen is not the way to go. We, meaning myself, hubs, and our friend N, went to dinner and to the movies to see Captain America last night. This was hub’s request since the last few or all that we’ve watched have been chick flicks. I have to say it wasn’t too bad. I don’t mind action- sometimes I prefer it depending on my mood, but I wasn’t particularly in the mood last night. Regardless, it was a decent movie with Chris Evans as C.A. I have to say the beginning of the film where he is scrawny and short freaked me out a bit. I need to look up how they did that because I certainly hope that wasn’t the real him. The movie had romance, humor and action galore so it as a good watch overall. The ending was a bit of a surprise where all the girls in the room went “aw” when they realized what didn’t happen with C.A.’s love interest, without giving too much away. If you’re looking for something full of action and entertaining I’d recommend it. 🙂

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Mondays and Fridays do not seem to work very well for me. However, today is Monday and I made it! Hurray! Anyway, I think Tuesday fits better for updating, along with Saturday.

It has been hot hot hot here in New Jersey! Today went up to a cool 94 degrees, ha! Last week we were at 99, but it felt like 115- ekk! Too rich for my blood. I’d like to live where it’s fall and spring forever. Find that for me, thanks!

So I talked about my exercising going well- should have kept my mouth shut! With the heat I didn’t do any walking/running outside. When it’s 10pm and it’s still 94 degrees out, you know it’s hot. Of course I could have done something else, such as using my stationary bike or doing an exercise DVD. Many a day I thought about popping in my Pilates dvd….and then many a time I ignored that thought!

I do want to get back into my routine though. This week is a bit tricky since I’m opening all week except tomorrow. I can still go walking at night, but not as late as I’d prefer. I know, I know…I just need to do it!

Well, unfortunately my laptop needs to be charged and honey and me are heading off to a friend’s for dinner. Have a good night! 🙂

Why hello there!

It’s about that time- the time when I really should be going to bed but I’m not quite ready. So naturally, I decide to blog a bit! 😛

I had the day off and to be completely honest, I was a bum. I thought of things I could be working on….and then keep thinking about them as I sat on the couch and watched “Clean House” reruns. Oh, the irony. I did manage to do a load of laundry, make a yummy salad for lunch, and go through a few books for donation. As far as my goals for the next 6 months (almost 5 now!), I have been doing good with exercising the past week and a half. Every night I either walk/run by myself or take Sadie, our pooch (can you call a pitbull a pooch?). I didn’t get a chance to tonight because of torrential downpours and yesterday due to getting home super late. That being said I look forward to starting back up tomorrow. And slowly I am going through things in the little room. The books I started going through are in that room and will open up space once they’re gone.

I feel like I’ve been baby-obsessed lately. I’ve never been one to outwardly say that I want to have kids, and it’s a bit of a joke when I’m over my sisters that I won’t because of her three lovely monsters. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve almost been married a year and it seems around that time people start popping up pregnant- but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And the funny thing is I’m not really thinking about the baby- I’m thinking about all the cool things I can make! I’ve been on a bunch of blogs today dedicated to solely handmade nurseries and I was just over the moon with how freaking cute everything is! And little clothes! How awesome would it be to make little dresses or sweaters?

I know I don’t want to have a child until we’re more established. Adam’s job pays decent and mine, well, that’s another story. Plus I’m finally starting to workout and like it. I don’t want to have a child being overweight because it’s not healthy for baby or mommy, but I don’t want to get down to my goal weight and then not even get to enjoy it before getting pregnant. That sounds a bit selfish I suppose, but after being overweight my whole life I feel like I deserve to enjoy my body before it changes again. I’ve also started questioning going back to school for my Masters in Psychology, which means we’d have to wait until that was done, wait longer, or try to be a mom and go to school. Oi! Oi! Oi! I just do not know what to do with myself!

One thing that’s for sure is I do need to go to bed, even if my thoughts are going to be reeling there as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful week- good night!!! 😀



Candles in Seashells – Martha Stewart Crafts

Candles in Seashells – Martha Stewart Crafts.


Another Martha inspired post! I am not normally a shore or nautical-themed lover, but with my cousin’s impending wedding I have beach things on the mind. It could be from those little sea creature cut-outs I helped paint last night. Anyway, I thought this was unique and cute= worth sharing! 🙂

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